The Steady Ups perform traditional rocksteady/reggae styles from Jamaica. Originating from Sacramento, CA, the ten piece band rocked dance floors in the mid nineties. This release features 11 tracks dubbed out by Doctor Echo. This collection represents the original lineup of the Steady Ups crew including Tyler Pope on guitar, Justin DeHart on drums, and Susan Foley on keys.  Many of the original versions of the dubs on the album have not been released elsewhere, and serve to give listeners a fresh experience of some of the band's most exciting early recorded repertoire.

“…this reworking of steady ups tunes is 11 slabs of smoked out dub joy.”

Rough Trade

“…miles ahead of those produced by most other aspiring American reggae producers…Recommended to all fans of classic dub.”

All-Music Guide

“The Doctor is back…fusing the tight rhythmic energy of the Steady Ups with his uncompromising dub style in this solid CD which can only be described as a dub gem.”

Subsonic Temple

“…a number tracks on Dub Disaster could easily be mistaken for vintage rocksteady dub from Treasure Isle or Studio One. It's that good! Very organic, with well-done (but not overdone) effects. And the drums & bass combine to make a very heavy, unified sound. This album will certainly become a regular on the Echo Chamber!”

Dr. Strange Dub

“The collection brings some true gems…Trust us, you will love this album.”

Reggae Vibes

Best described as down-trip-island-dub-hop, “Echo Evahlastin’” is the doctor’s fourth album as a producer and features the vocals and spoken word of Solange St. Croix. “Bahn ahn raise’ Cruzan” (pronounced croo’ –zhahn) of St. Croix, just south of Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, Solange Sheppy’s rich ethnic background includes African, French, Danish, Spanish, German, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and Cherokee (in order of descending potency). Cultured by linguist parents and intensive travel, lyrical translations have been her life. She has kept the stage warm for reggae artists and poets alike, including Dezarie, Sonia Sanchez, Richard Schraeder, Sr., and Sajatah. She is currently working with photographer Jann Gentry on a book called Collective.

Other musicians featured include international recording artists Tyler Pope (!!!, LCD Soundsystem), Harley White, Jr. (Papa’s Culture), Tim Conroy and Matt Rodriguez. Solange St. Croix lays her words of love, empowerment, and eternity over Doctor Echo’s mixes of downtempo dub while the surreal instrumental contributions elicit further abstract interpretations.

“This is a very accomplished album.”

Luna Cafe

“Downtempo beats that drip wet with heavy dub re-rubs and deep reggae glamour. An essential if ever there were.”


“Dr. Echo creates powerful, cinematic pieces that make you feel like dying a slow-motion, heroic death.”

Reggae Reviews

Isolation is a compilation summing up the best of Doctor Echo’s collaborations from 1997-2007. The styles range from hypnotic dance tracks, jungle, dubstep and ambient ... always with the Doctor’s signature heavy dub-drenched treatment. Guest artists include Tyler Pope, Joe Bigham, and Zach Gooden.

The entire album was recorded on a 1/2" 8-track machine, between the years of 1997-2002. All rhythm tracks were laid down without sampling/sequencing, and only a few were tracked with the help of a metronome. Featured musicians on the album include international recording artists Nkosazana Divine on vocals, Tyler Pope, and Harley White Jr. Despite the fact that some final mixes have been edited in the digital realm, the album largely remains a truthful representation of the Doctor's live mixing aesthetics. Steeped in the legacy and tradition of dub masters such as King Tubby and Lee Perry, Doctor Echo's music is forever moving to transcend genres by allowing various contemporary musical styles to be represented.

“… a submarine bass and a good dose of intensity…like a secret or clandestine musical practice…passages that are alike a kind of vodoo-dub ritual.”

She Divine

“Rub-a-dub-dub, Doctor Echo’s got the grub…Doctor Echo fuses contemporary dub sounds, big bass, downtempo drumwork, and spacey atmospheres with enlightening grooves on the dub side of reggae. Get this album now and chill to the groove.”


“…each tune stands as well constructed and executed…”

The Wire

“…an eclectic sound rooted in classic ‘70s dub but updated with a modern twist, including touches of dancehall, jazz, hip-hop and some indescribable things that simply must be heard…this is one of the best dub albums I’ve heard in recent years and reason to look forward to more medicine from the Doctor.”

Reggae Reviews

“Dub today with deep respect to the dub foundations of yesterday...timeless sonic imagery that is deeply sensual and strongly spiritual...”

Beat Conscious

“His presence on the controls is immediately felt as the sonic bombs of echo and reverb shake the very foundation of consciousness within those who are at an earshot. With mixes that are dark, sonic, sensual, and spiritual, his music puts the listener on a sedated matrix inner exploration. … a sound landscape ready to be explored.”

Reggae Vibes

“…Doctor Echo collects DeHart's own instrumental performances and those of other musicians with whom he's worked and mixes them up into a potent stew of dubwise instrumental reggae. … this is a wonderfully heavyweight collection of nicely crafted modern dub. Recommended!”

Nice Up

Dub Sac is another potent dose of dubs up for offering from Anicca Records. Featuring collaborations between Doctor Echo and Sacramento’s premiere reggae and dub band, The Storytellers, this album also includes projects from: International Farmers, Who Knows, Shocks of Mighty, The Dynamos, Just-Fi., Kevin Price, and Mike “Chefdog” Sheftner from Deadly Hi-Fi Productions. Professional skateboarders Matt Rodriguez and Matt Pailes both contribute musically to the Storytellers sound with drums, percussion, and vocals. While Matt Pailes, AKA Ras Matthew, has gone on to produce some of his own albums, this collection highlights some of his earliest chants ands lyrics.

“…crazy dubwise love”

All-Music Guide

“…I dare say none can dub like Doctor Echo…”

Reggae Reviews

Can You Feel It? is the result of a series of recording sessions done in Sacramento, CA at Soundlab studios with Sacramento’s idol, Ground Chuck.  Doctor Echo and Ground Chuck both played together in The Defendants and came together to collaborate for this EP in 2000. All of the vocal tracks were done in one take, with very little conversation about subject matter, etc. This is Ground Chuck at his inspired best: King Diamond meets Lee Perry.

The Defendants is a live dub band consisting of core members: Justin DeHart, drums; Jason Dudley, bass; Tyler Pope, guitar; and Justin Vandervolgen, guitar, FX. Every live concert featured guest musicians lending the band a fresh and dangerous sound. This album contains the most popular original songs the band created during its 4 years of existence in Sacramento, CA during the early 90s. Dubbed by Doctor Echo, the tracks maintain the band’s raw lo-fi dance aesthetic and confluence of reggae vs. everything else that distinguishes the recordings from other JA copies. This is instrumental dub-reggae injected with youthful vigor that demanded hard core ear-splitting and pounding dub music.


CHLLNGR and Doctor Echo - Hidden Tracks

“From the exceptional blast of motorik that opens the work in ‘Smoke’ to the meandering synths and analogue bleeps of ‘Abyss’ down to the ambient, Tangerine Dream bliss out of ‘Control’, Hidden Tracks is an ode to the diversity of everything exploratory in the krautrock moment. It’s not stale pastiche (thankfully), however, with some distinct dub moments throughout, and crusty drum loop cutups that would do Massive Attack proud raising their heads during tracks like ‘Crossroads’. It is nostalgic music, but not music that is bound. The pair feel comfortable to push into areas not imagined in the 70s, all the while looking lovingly backwards. And, aside from the brevity of the tracks, what keeps things really fresh throughout is a constant melodicism. Rather than simply building aural textures, the duo inhabit their sonic world with memorable musical refrains, further extending the metaphor of a classical musical suite.”

Cycle Defrost - Adrian Elmer

“The piece's mood is indicated by the claustrophobic, uncanny cover art: the ten seamlessly linked tracks unfold a nocturnal, urban nightmarish atmosphere, with dub-heavy textures held together by piercing, insistent rhythms, occasionally enriched by unexpected guitar patterns or synth effects. Hidden Tracks makes no effort to hide its somber sentiment, which makes the album a perfect companion for the looming days of fall.”

No Fear of Pop - Henning Lahmann

"Last Call provides our first glimpse into the partnership, with its gliding, G-funk-indebted synth runs and ghostly, dub-wise sonics yielding a track that is haunting in its ominous atmosphere. Thankfully, the production is also incredibly comforting due to the array of interwoven textures, which make its sonic field unexpectedly inviting.”

XLR8R - Glenn Jackson

“… dense and cinematic; it can be imagined perfectly alongside a quiet car chase scene before it really explodes. A collaboration that is equal parts evil and drudgy.”

Impose Magazine - Dayna Evans